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      1. Richard,

        I have published quite a radio among my friends and brothers in community.
        I listen every day.
        Here in Brazil, the Catholic music is very good. There are many web radios. By the way, you could meet and play Brazilian Catholic music. I believe you will like it too.
        God be with you.

      2. I’m the author of Retroshock, a Christian Sci-fi novel.
        Check out my 2 minute book trailer. Hot off the press!!
        Everyone says this book should be a film.

        Watch Retroshock trailer

        If you would see this film,
        Please share this video.

        With 1 million hits, I can get the investors to make this movie.
        Thank you for your time and consideration.

        Only 999,807 hits to go.

        1. Thanks, Dave, for providing your link to Retroshock Trailer. Interesting story concept. I hope you garner interest. Jesus needs to be relevant for all time and purposes.

      3. Hi. I’m from Costa Rica and I want to thank you because you let enjoy the mercy and glory from God thru your webpage.
        I have just a question, if you are a Catholic radio, why are you playing music from not Catholics singers or groups?????

        1. Hi Juan,

          Thank you for your comments and I’m glad you enjoy the station. We play almost exclusively Catholic artists, who did you hear that was not? We do occasionally play some other Christian songs that still have a solid message, but we do try and keep to our Catholic roots. If there’s any suggestions for other artists please let us know. Thank you and God Bless! Rob

      4. Hi Richard.
        I am writing from Brazil. I represent a Catholic radio station, with more than 1500 repeaters all over the country. I need to talk to you about using your play list in our network.
        Best regards.

      5. Hi there! I’m Mayela from Campeche, México and I’m so glad yo hace Godínez CME
        I would love to be abel to get the lyrics of each and every song.
        God bless all of you and your Work

      6. Richard, Even though I am a daily mass Catholic I balance my love for Christ in the Catholic Church and at XM radio where I programmed a very eclectic channel called “Fine Tuning” and played many Catholic songs and artists (Natalie MacMaster, Cheiftains and others sublimiley. Now with CME I balance my life with 30 years of experience but now with Multiple Sclerosis I cannot do much but will remember, worship and know He is with all of us. All we need to do is Love and Believer. Thank you CME. I am here now for you and I do have ideas and philosophies. God is Good.
        Ben (XM 2001-2009)

      7. Hi I’m Mayela from Mexico. I love your station and would like to know where can I find the lyrics of the music you play and also buy it. Thank you and may God bless you all and your work👍🏻

  1. Hello! I want to thank Rob Ayoub for taking over the Catholic Music Express and CME Radio – I’m glad he is taking it and helping it evolve into something that is helpful to the listeners and the artists. May God bless you and your ministries!

  2. Love the new look! The concept and the Radio station! Thanks for your service!!
    So grateful to have found CRE a few months ago!! I listen all day at work, at a Catholic Church.
    Will you be returning to listing of the “Just Played” Artist/Song? That is a great method for identifying new artists and unfamiliar song titles.

    1. Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for the comments and glad to hear that you’re listening. Yes, I will be adding the playlist and “Just played” portions back shortly. I’m also working to get iTunes links set up as well so that listeners can purchase tracks that they hear. Stay tuned!

    1. Great, Jim! Thanks. How does a writer of Catholic songs submit tracks to CME radio? Do the songs have to be published at iTunes, CDBaby, etc.?

      1. Great question Richard, soon as this page and others get fleshed out – I’ll make sure its more clear.

        We have a web address which is set aside for artists to send us music. I also have a plan to add a music submission page where artists can submit not just their album, but the link to purchase as well.

        While we certainly want to promote artists who have music for sale on CDBaby or iTunes its not a requirement. We encourage artists to submit music that they want to share with the world – that being said we do listen for polished recordings.

        Hope that helps!

  3. WOOO HOOO I FOUND THIS STATION!! I was beginning to wonder if the only contempory Christian music available was Protestant..I am so glad this is available.. This is on my favorites at home and soon to be on my favorite list at work…Thanks for streaming…

  4. I am a Catholic singer/songwriter/producer based in South Carolina and work with blues/roots/gospel artists here; would love to send you a compilation of faith-based/Catholic-based songs that I’ve written and recorded with some of them. Do you prefer mp3s (need email address then) or hard-copy CD (USPS address pls)? Thank you.

  5. Sorry folks – looks like the station went off the air. We are checking with the server host to find out what the problem is, and will get back online as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  6. I apologize for that last song from Cardiac Move called “We Are”. I mistook this band for a Catholic band by the same name. The song had profanity in it. I deleted the song from the library, and you won’t have to hear it again. My apologies!

  7. I have written some music also but I don’t have a band or a music writer to help with arrangements. That’s ok, if it’s God’s will He’ll make it happen! Thank you so much for putting this media together to give people a chance to express their love and faith by their God given talents.

    Be assured of my prayers
    Sr. Mary Katherine, Carmelite Sisters DCJ

    1. Sister,

      Thank you so much for your comments. There are many people on this site that I believe would be happy to help you with your arrangements. We’re working on building out a new section to allow for collaboration as many people have expressed a need for help. I’ll be in touch soon. Thank you for your prayers!

  8. Thanks again for playing a couple of my songs from my album, Be Not Afraid, on this station. Has there been any movement on putting up links for buying music from the artists on CME radio?

  9. Hi! I just found the radio and I’m so happy to listen to catholic music. I am from Costa Rica. Can you recommend to me some rock Catholic bands?

  10. Hello, CME.
    I am Brazilian and just found the radio. I was researching radio outside Brazil to publicize the ECC website – Couples for Christ.

    We have a wide range of musicians and bands Catholic in Brazil. Hey the links a few known:

    I really enjoyed the radio programming, Congratulations and God bless this work !!!

  11. I’m so excited to have found you today. I’ve been looking for a Catholic station for awhile. I shared a link to you on my facebook page. Thank you and May God bless and keep you going.

  12. New Listener as of this afternoon. Born March 12th, 1951 in Norwalk, Ohio. Am a Widower for over eight (8) years. I do not drive. With the exceptions of GOD, and my twelve (12) year old, female, Bassett Hound Sadie, I have NO Friends.

      1. Saturday – December 12th, 2015

        Hi CME Rob!

        CME is helping me to not feel so Lonely, Isolated, and Lost.


        1. My heart and prayers go out to you, GLD. I am glad the music is helpful. Hope you are doing well. God bless.

  13. Hi LOVE the station! Finally…
    Just wondering if you may have an App?
    Thank you & all the Blessings of Our Lord continue for each of you & your families
    Alicia Viteka

  14. Hey there! I’m listening you in Brazil. I’m studying English and use your radio to train my listening. God bless you!

  15. Hello Jim & Rob,

    I have been listening on and off. I really appreciate this website. I’ve promoted it in my parish bulletin and know some people have been listening in from Canada. I was reading the posts in case my question was already answered. I see that you are doing your best to have only Catholic artists. Is Newsboys a Catholic band? I do love their songs as I do have some of their albums.

    Thanks & God bless you ministry.

    1. Hi Father!

      I really like Newsboys as well and saw them in concert years ago. I don’t know that they are Catholic, but our philosophy is to play Independent Catholic artists who are not signed. That does not mean we don’t ever play “mainstream” artists, but we try to limit it. I’ll check further.

      Thank you and God bless,


  16. Hello, listeners!

    We are in the process at looking at a new service for CME Radio. I’ve been testing it, and it is looking good – we can do more with it. I know the player on here right now is not showing music. I’m hoping that the new service and the new player will be a great improvement. I am continuing to add new music as I can.

    Thank you for listening, and God bless!

  17. The new player is online now! We are continuing to refine it and will continue to add more music to the playlist. This new service allows us to have a larger library of music to play for you. God bless, and enjoy!

  18. I have shut down the old station server, so now our new station is the one to enjoy. God bless y’all!

  19. We wish to honor the life and memory of our friend and fellow musician Christian Leonard who passed away in his sleep on July 7, 2017. Christian was part of “the Vigil Project”, whose music can be heard here on CME Radio.

    Christian joined The Vigil Project playing drums and percussion for Series #2. While we feel the sorrow of this loss, we ask that you join us in hopeful prayers for Christian and his family.

    “Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine upon him.”🕯

    A Gofundme has been set up to assist Christian’s family with his burial and funeral expenses. Prayerfully consider helping them. Click here to contribute:

  20. Sorry, a programming “oops”. I meant the station to play all Christmas music, and it was playing none. Sorry about that. I have fixed it.

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