Songwriting Challenge #2

Thank you everyone for the incredible response to the first challenge.  Many of you are already accomplished songwriters which is great.  I’m looking forward to building this community and I hope that these “challenges” help to push everyone to be better songwriters.

This month I want to move away from building complete songs and work on the process.  There’s a book called Lyrics – Writing Better Words for Your Songs by Ricky Rooksby that I like a lot.  Maybe I like it because I’m a terrible lyricist 🙂

One of the first discussions in the book is about finding inspiration for songs.  The book recommends using anything and everything for inspiration – the newspaper, books, art, TV, media, conversations, the list goes on.  Sometimes I think that as Christian artist in general – we tend to stray from anything secular when writing.

So for October I’m proposing that we simply write down inspirations.  Simply comment on thoughts, experiences, scriptures, poems, stories, etc.  that you think would make good song material.  Given that its October, fall, and scripturally ordinary time – I think we have a lot to pull from.  Don’t worry about trying to put these into songs yet (of course unless you want to 🙂 ) but I’m hoping to pick several to use in future challenges.

Happy Inspirations!