The Catholic Music Express was started in 2006 as a podcast aimed at spreading new music from independent and established Catholic Christian artists.  Over time, the podcast grew into a global community of artists and listeners hungry for new music by Catholic artists.  In Advent 2012, CME Radio was launched providing a unique platform for Catholic artists.

Now in 2015, the Catholic Music Express is evolving once again.  Fueled by the widespread changes in the music industry and feedback from our listeners and artists, we are expanding the site and radio station.  What you will see going forward is a site focused on collaboration and education.  Many exciting changes will be starting soon! Some of these changes include:

Songwriting CollaborationsThe Catholic Music Express wants to help develop artists, new and experienced, part time and professional.  In order to do this we will soon offer the opportunity for listeners to submit songs that will be posted for other to listen to, comment on, mix, and master in order to help artists of all experience levels create a finished product they can be proud of.

Forums – A common request from listeners has been for help in getting connected to other artists.  There is a rich, vibrant community of extremely talented Catholics the world over.  What better way to drive the growth of our community than to connect people the world over!

Blogs – We want people to share their insights, experiences, and tips to the world.  We plan to develop a group of bloggers that are willing to share their insights with the community – whether its around performance tips, writing music, recording, or other aspects of music ministry.

CME Radio – On top of all this CME Radio is not going away.  We are working to get interesting listeners involved in developing more shows and content to keep CME Radio THE place for Catholic music.

All of these changes are exciting and we look forward to building this talented global community of artists, music ministers, and Catholics!